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Premiumobi is a mobile VAS entertainment content provider company specialized in delivering high-end and quality mobile content to its subscribers. Since its foundation in Malaysia in 2017, we have become an important player in collaboration with Carriers. Our company is committed with the final consumer by delivering sophisticated mobile entertainment solutions, adaptive and reliable offers. We own a wide variey of interactive entertainment services, focusing mainly on Health, Fitness and Communities among others. Premiumobi has becoming a leading mobile solution provider that operates in several languages.
  • Business model
    Our Premiumobi solutions are designed to generate high-end consumer demand (data usage and mobile content delivery) We work directly with our customers without any intermediaries (Licensed products , white label and households) Mobile offers suited for “on demand or subscription model” Daily or weekly subscription based model we offer “All you can eat service”

Our Team

Premiumobi is formed by a team of professionals in areas of development, innovation, creativity and design, which, accompanied by a great administrative management, generates a warm and relaxed environment where our main motive is to provide real fun to our users through mobile technology. Our efforts are engaged to provide our team and customers with innovative solutions and the best products, looking to improve every day and face the future of our organization.


• Responsibility: We are a company committed to our work, our human talent and our customers.
• Empathy: Treat everyone as we would like to be treated.
• Open communication: We listen to others and through it, discover how to meet their needs.
• Honesty: We are authentic, so our work speaks for us and show who we are.
• Open culture: Adapting to our environment, to connect people and businesses.
• Improvement: Seeking not only to create a business, but a benefit to society.

Products and services

We provide mobile entertainment services such as games, online subscriptions, entertainment, all with different operators in the world. Each integration and finished product is based on the requirement of our customers to improve the quality and satisfaction of our products.

Direct Billing

An easy, fast and secure way to make payment with frictionless user experience. User who like to facilitate access to Direct Billing services enters in an appropriate form his or her phone number, and then confirms the correctness of the entered data. In the next stage, the user receives a free SMS message with information about the amount to be paid, and is requested to confirm the transaction. Acceptance of payments is confirmed via an SMS message reading OK sent by the user, the digital content is made available to the customer. Service charge is added to the subscription amount, or billing through prepaid account without any additional cost.

Fetures and Services

Fast and secure payment process, availability of rates for any amount of charges, verification of erroneous/accidental orders through compulsory confirmation of willingness to purchase services, an alternative to money transfers and card payments, definitely higher percentage ratio compared to SMS Premium Rate services.

Multimedia Content

The platform offered by us as a medium of sales of multimedia content allows users to access links to download all sorts of video and music content. This kind of service is often used as a form of value-added service coupled with MO SMS and MT SMS Premium rate services.